Commitment to Quality

“It is our goal to achieve a quality of product and services that surpasses our customer's needs and expectations.”

“To achieve that goal, we are committed to procedures that are compliant with ISO 9001/2000 and AS-9100 Quality Standards.”

“By that commitment, we can ensure that all personnel are suitably selected, trained and resourced.”

“Our customer's needs are paramount, our personnel our greatest asset; and our experience, innovation and technology give us our competitive edge.”

Mission Statement

Our foremost mission is to provide an unparalleled quality of service to our customers.


Attaining this superior level of excellence dissuades our competitors and promotes our business to a degree that sets the standard for the industry. Mutual loyalty and respect for all enables this goal to be obtained.

We pledge to our employees to provide a safe environment and cordial, pleasant and enjoyable working conditions for the benefit of all.

Keeping the above in mind as our guidelines, decisions must be made to assure that Carl F. Booth is maintained as a profit-making organization. These guidelines also insure employee benefits, plant improvements and return on investments.

Veneer Resource Guide 11

Sketch Face Patterns

Grain direction shown with the arrows.

Diamond Match

Reverse Diamond

Box Diamond

Reverse Box Diamond

Sketch face patterns in Quartered Ebony



 Veneer Resource Guide 10 Veneer Resource Guide 12


Veneer Resource Guide 12

Pie Match Sketch Face

Pie match sketch faces can produce a myriad of patterns depending on the cut of veneer and the orientation of  each veneer leaf in the pattern.


12 Piece Pie Match
Starburst Sketch Face
6 Piece Match
Sunburst Sketch Face
6 Piece Match
12 Piece Pie Match
8 Piece Pie Match
12 Piece Pie Match
12 Piece Pie Match



  Veneer Resource Guide 11

  Veneer Resource Guide


Veneer Resource Guide 10

New Carl F. Booth Products - Lumber

Lumber that matches perfectly to a specific veneer will never exist. However, Carl F. Booth Veneers is offering certain lumber species in 4/4, 6/4, and 8/4 stock that could be appropriate for many projects. Lumber from single logs are called boules and cannot be separated. Often, smaller quantities of some species can be offered.

Veneer Resource Guide 9 Veneer Resource Guide 11

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